The expressions beautiful, pleasant or stylish are so universal, and yet we all experience them in an entirely personal way.

If the standard solutions don’t quite make the grade, we’ll be happy to hear your thoughts.

With a team of 8 architects and interior designers, we’re able to devise a neat and practical solution to any problem. 

Whether it involves a kitchen or a bathroom, a restaurant or an office, we help you pinpoint the ideal solution, fine-tuned to your possibilities and budget.

Besides private individuals and SMEs, we also count a number of major players in catering among our clientele. 

Should you be considering a number of architectural modifications besides the layout, please refer to our Architecture department.

McDonald's Brugge

Bodystyle Gent

The creation of a practice with several treatment rooms in a limited space.


A classic 1940’s villa entirely renovated


In collaboration with other European agencies and designers, we see to implementing new interiors at McDonald’s Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland and Denmark.

This concept is a collaboration with designer Patrick Norguet from Paris.


We created a new design for every flagship store of Croatian chocolate manufacturer KRAS.

Renovatie appartement

Renovatie van een appartement in Middelkerke.