Brussels Expo renovates catering spots


As a trustworthy partner, NIVOO3 was asked to redesign a couple of their catering spaces. Our team of interior experts was responsible for the concept, the measurements, the design, the specifications, the quantity take-off, the various plans of execution and the follow-up.

More than 60 years ago, Brussels Expo acquired its name and fame at the World’s Fair of 1958.  Since then, the event complex has been in everyone’s collective memory. But after several years it was time to renew the facilities at Brussels Expo.


Similar to our other successful designs we started with an in-depth brainstorming session to understand the needs of the client.  During the design process we proposed various preliminary designs, followed by a mood board, materials study and a 3D presentation.  This way the client could fully empathize with the intended result.


For each catering spot we designed a different look & feel and atmosphere.  For instance: in “Take a Bite” we gave the room an industrial look and used steel frames, graffiti, concrete, … At another catering spot we opted for a cosy, colourful atmosphere with golden frames and pastel shades. The graphics refer to one of the most famous exhibitions in the history of our country, and contribute to the retro look that was created.


We worked closely with the customer to implement this project.  The ambition of NIVOO3 was to have the perfect balance between quality, budget and timing.  Together with our client we are looking back with a great feeling of satisfaction.

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