Flexible and regular partner for interior design Panos Belgium


NIVOO3 has been working for big customers like Panos Belgium and McDonald’s (Belgium and various other European countries) for 25 years. For smaller companies, too, we are a regular partner when it comes to interior design.

Working for customers like these requires great flexibility. We are their professional partner, designing concepts and implementing these in shops, restaurants, catering outlets, etc.


Our approach

First, we meet with the customer, to make sure we fully understand their wishes and needs. Next, we brainstorm together to come up with a concept. After the customer has approved the proposed concept, we integrate it into a fictitious premises, which allows us to assess the concept in virtual reality and find out which aspects are to our satisfaction and which aspects require further improvement. This gives us the opportunity to fine-tune the concept details before we perform the final execution in a first realisation. But this is not all. During the implementation phase, we continue to monitor and evaluate if everything is as perfect as intended.


Evaluating concepts as they evolve

NIVOO3 looks upon a concept as something that grows and evolves continuously and gets better in the process. It does not stop at a single premises either. If a company is expanded with a second, third or one hundredth branch, we continue to think along about the lay-out and flow. The lessons learned from our work on the first premises are put to good use when we work on the premises that follow.


Preferred partner to Panos

In the past two years, NIVOO3 has cooperated very closely with Panos Belgium. We got to know the brand, gained a better understanding of the brand and the branches, and then developed the lay-out of the Panos shops in further detail.


And that was not all. We closely collaborated with the facility team to apply the concept to an actual shop. We provided support by finding suitable contractors and applying for the quotations. Next, we took care of all site activities up to and including completion. You can rely on NIVOO3, from concept development to completion.


Karl Selleslags, managing director Panos Belgium: ‘NIVOO3 is a reputable partner. They are flexible, think conceptually, and act proactively. In all of this, they work together with us and the franchisee that has to run the premises – in every respect a strong basis for our cooperation. We have been working together for several years in this long-term partnership.’


Report Kanaal Z

On Kanaal Z, NIVOO3 was presented in an exclusive report. Central theme: our collaboration with Panos Belgium. Check it out!


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